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S I N G L E ! Best kew ??

Hye peeps ! 
naa tny korg something nyy .
best kew single ??
cpew cpew yg pnah single t'lalu lme uh bole ta korg tlg bg pdpt ?
bkn ap just utk smpn sbgai nsht utk dri eifa .
eifa ta phm asal tiap tiap bln january eifa mst kne idop single .
t'ingt jugak naa smbt bfday dgn lovely person kann .
tp naa buadd cmnew . da tadew jdoh kann . trme jew lahh .
ermm buadd smntare eifa rse single cm boring jew . 
kdg kdg t'ingt jugak kadd dye .
tp ad org ckp single uh best . pew yg best ek ??
sape sape leyh tlg jwb kann ? ermm i need the answers .
someone please answer my question !


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