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Hye peeps ! 
ermm klw korg dgr lagu blog eifa mst cm sedey jew kann ?
actually , eifa mmg dlm ksdihan .
lagu blog nyy eifa tuka ikut mood eifa .
thats mean skrg nyy eifa tgh sedey .
ermm myb eifa akan bia kann jew lagu nyy for a couple month smpai kekecewaan dlm aty eifa nyy t'ubat .
thn bru s'ptot nye org happy jew kann tp eifa tak !
mlm thn bru eifa org yg plg sedey . eifa tanak ctew papew . bia eifa sorg jew yg twu .
this month January right ? birthday eifa this month but myb eifa just smbut dgn mmbe mmbe mcm thn lps . 
naa smbut dgn owg ksygn da tadew .
okayy ! i'm single back ! :)
so korg phm phm sndri laa knp lagu blog nyy sedey sngadd kann . 
hurmm eifa sbnr nye mls naa ctew sngadd bab cnte nyy . da bosan dgn cnte . 
okayy lahh . sok eifa continue again okayy .
hope korg suke blog song eifa .:)


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