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♥ Engagement Day ! ♥

Hye peeps !
ary nyy eifa naa story about engagedment day kak chomey sy .
sblum nyy eifa ad story psl dye dlm blog eifa nyy .
kakak chomey sy nyy da b'tunang pd 23 ary bln lps .
pnye laa chomey kakak sy nyy . suke nengok dye .
tema pertunangan dye kaler merah . yela pndai kann kakak sy nyy plih date . sme dgn thun bru cine so tema pertunangan pown kaler merah laa .
sblum ary pertunangan tu eifa da tydo kadd umh dye . tlg pew yg ptot jew . Hehe . :D
ermm tanak ctew pjg pown .
naa share ckt pic dgn korg sume .
lets see ! :)

Kakak chomey sy dgn tunang dye . :)

with alang !

Eifa , Alang & Aien ! 

with alang again !
Alang & Aien ! 

them damn much !


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