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Hubby & Chayunk

tbe2 jew my syg nk tkr pgl gtu lak . ngigau kew ap ntah my syg niw . papew pown aq still ta leyh nk pgl syg aq niw hubby coz 10 bln aq pgl dye yunk . trse mcm kekok la plak nk pgl hubby . but i will try dear . asew mcm mls jew nk pgl my syg hubby . lidah ku trse kelu utk m'manggil nye gtu . knp kah my syg tbe2 nk tkr pgl cmtu ? i know why . bcoz my syg da bowink pgl yunk & b then the other reason myb he dont know want remember about dat gurl . papew pown b asew yunk & b still the best . b akn cbe utk pgl yunk HUBBY or singkatan nye BY . hurmm tapew la . t lme2 da bese la kowt .

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