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Aku Sayang Kamu

Yunk b syg yunk . Mcm2 dugaan b da lalui bsme yunk . B ta leyh id0p tnpe yunk . B prlu kn yunk . B syg yunk sgt2 . B tadew cpew2 s'lain yunk . Dmi Allah b cnte kn yunk s0wg jew . Wlau p0wn yunk da cuwg byk kli b ttap time yunk . B time yunk sbb pew ?? Sbb cnte & syg b t'hdap yunk . B da ck0p skse mse yunk tgl kn b dlu utk ppuan len . Ck0p larh b hdapi dugaan tu yunk . Tlg larh jgn wt hal aq yunk .


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